Stop right there….I’m the BOSS!

Everyone wants to be the BOSS – in their life, their business, their finances…
Me too! 
But one thing that I have recognized is that being boss can sometimes go too far.
We all know this but everything is good in moderation.
Things may be going AMAZINGLY well in all the areas of your life that you value.
But what I’ve noticed is that things tend to take a turn for the worst when you go from:


BOSS ->->->->->-> BOSSY

Being a boss means being in control.

Being in control of who you are. 

Being in control of your life. 


You have earned the freedom to live the life that you want to. 


That’s why we envy the “boss” that walks into the room. We too want to have that type of control in our own lives. In our bodies, finances, where we live, etc. 



You know you’re in charge of your life when you walk into a room and you:

>>> feel confident

>>> know exactly how you want to interact with people

>>> know how to respond to people
>>> are kind

>>> are respected




So when does it get “too far”?


This happens when you start noticing that you’re:


>>> being bossy

>>> looking down on others

>>> taking those feelings of grandeur and trying to force it onto other people
>>> being condescending

>>> Thinking you are the only one “at the top”. “It’s lonely at the top” kind of attitude.



I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be bossed around.


I hate it!


So how do you keep being the BOSS and not be bossy?


You turn:

BOSS ->->->->->-> LEADER


Leadership means extending your hand and saying, “Hey, I went there first, just take my hand and I’ll show you the way”.


Read that carefully.


Leaders are loving, respectful, kind, patient and also authoritative in their expert status.



When you master this, that’s when you can really start being of service!



You can help others with SO many different areas  – health, money, relationships, business, self-confidence etc.


Leaders are people who anyone will follow “over a cliff”. 


Leaders make real change in the world by empowering and bringing up the people around them.


Leaders are respected.


And those are the people that I would gladly go into battle with, even in the face of uncertainty.


And I want to remind you that you can choose to be a leader, too.


Even if you’re at a stage in your life where you don’t feel that way, things can change in an instant for you.


Look inside yourself and figure out what areas of your life you want to master and become a real BOSS in.


Once you’ve really taken control of your life, you can decide to either be bossy or be a leader.


You can choose to take everything you’ve learned and show others how to do the same.


If you’re ever faced with a choice, I invite you to CHOOSE TO BE A LEADER.


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