The HIDDEN Meaning Behind ANGER!

Calling out my ANGRY people!


>> Are you feeling angry right now? 

>> Do you feel angry ALL the time?

First things first:

All emotions are like muscles.


Anger is JUST like a muscle – the more that we use it, the more that we feel it and the stronger it gets!

So the question really is:





The root cause of your anger is NOT what you might expect:



FIRST, you have to CATCH  yourself feeling anger!


The way to do that is by paying attention to your BODY! 

When your body is tight, small & agitated (usually in your chest), it is a sign you might be feeling ANGER! 


Once you have caught yourself feeling anger, you want to discover what is underneath it! 

And why would you want to do that?!

Because there is a hidden meaning behind it! 

And it might not be what you think…. 

…. Anger is a sign of avoidance.


You feel angry when you’re avoiding something!!!!


What we are avoiding is PAIN!


Instead of slowing down & feeling the pain all the way through, we would rather skip over it & not feel it at all!


Skipping over the pain turns into the emotion that we call ANGER! We push away the pain with intense emotion & it turns a fiery rage like feeling!


We tend to avoid pain at ALL costs! We avoid pain & seek for pleasure instead! Its human nature!


Example: When someone cuts you off in traffic and you immediately proceed to curse and wish terrible things upon this complete stranger, you are avoiding the pain of experiencing patience.

So instead of feeling patient, we resort to anger because… 

Anger is a more empowering feeling than patience.

So if you are currently feeling angry about something, try to identify what pain might be behind it.

Question to consider: What pain am I avoiding right now?


#2 >>> ACTION 

After you get clear on the WHY (why are you angry?), then all you have to do is figure out…


What is ONE step I can take right now to practice being in that pain state?

(Not avoiding it).


Example: You remember that time you turned into a road rager & understand your reaction was because you were avoiding patience. If someone cuts you off again, the action you can take is:

#1 Take a deep breath

#2 Say to yourself, “I’m happy that you’re getting to where you want to go”.



      “They’re probably in a hurry. Let me let them in”.


It’s a simple reframe.



So think to yourself…


>> What is one step I can take to practice being in the pain so that I can heal from this?


Then you don’t have to be angry all the time. You can approach situations from a place of understanding instead.


Once you feel the pain, you can:

1.  Become aware of it
2. Accept it
3. Understand it
4. HEAL from it

5. Transform 


Anger is a healthy emotion. It’s a form of communication from your body. 

But you don’t have to feel it all of the time.


You can transform that emotion into a more empowering experience, like joy & acceptance!


It’s such a simple tool, but it’s such a powerful way to simply transform your experience from anger to power! 

You can use this as a tool to help you calmly deal with any situation presented to you.

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